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Twinspark OS 0d.rw3.1021 - Third Rewrite, Keyboard Detected, Ctypes

We have finally managed to detect the keyboard. The keyboard interrupt is now working perfectly. But still, this is the most basic start since the only keys that we can type in are lowercase ASCII alphabet, numbers and a few symbols, backspace and new lines. The numberlock does not work just yet. Capitalizing via SHIFT key is still not available. Also the F1...F12 keys are still not functional.

However, our main aim was to get the OS to detect a PS/2 keyboard as a start.

A little addition to the LibTwin library are the Ctypes functions (isdigit(), isascii(), isalpha(), isgraph() etc).

Published: 20th, Sunday, Mar, 2022 Last Modified: 20th, Sunday, Mar, 2022