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About Us

Imagine. Design. Innovate. That is what we stand for.

Tuxedosoft began as a one-man tech business with the aim of developing and designing world-changing software. Over the years it grew into a software engineering powerhouse within the Nairobi serving diverse clients.

As interest in the Internet grew over the years so did the necessity for Web Design services. Tuxedosoft managed to pivot into this area to procive the best user-friendly web designs in town. So what is our guiding Mantra:

We believe Web Design is not just purely aesthetic but also deeply technical. We are not just concerned about how a website should look (typography, colors, layout) but we are also interested in how performant the code running behind it is. We also care about template caching, separation of concerns, modular design on top of the usual design aspects.

That might sound gibberish to many so to simplify it into layman's terms:

  • We build user-friendly wesbites that appeal to your users.
  • Our websites are aimed to be fast at loading and,
  • The code that runs your website is just as important to us.


What we offer to our clients.

Web Design

Our website design services are top notch and involve creating websites that actually work for you in the long run. Every website project is search engine optimized from day one.

Logo Design

Want a logo that is crisp, fresh and endearing to your clientele? We offer affordable logo design services that capture your organization's/business' intent.

Company Profile Design

A well-designed company profile can mean the difference between losing a client or prospecting investor. We can get you up to speed with a clean PDF company profile.

Copy Writing

Engaging web copy is paramount to closing a sale online or attracting inbound customers. Without it your success is unassured. Hit us up for the best copy writing services in town.

Copy Editing

And sometimes copy goes stale over time or has certain weaknesses that require a professional eye to fix. Our copy editing services can help you rejuvenate your website's copy.

Why choose us?

What is that one thing (or things for that matter) that will make you like us?

In other words, what is Tuxedosoft's Unique Selling Point (USP) ?

We believe that a website that converts requires top-notch care and technical expertise to pull it off. A kawaida, kimandazi website is not what you want. You want something that will draw in the visitor who will actually convert. This is where we come in.

How We Work

First, Initial Specification Gathering

This is where we gather all the information on what your web design needs are, what you want to see in the website, how it should work and about your organiztion. That way we can craft a strategy that will eventually work for you in the best way.

Design & Develop

We proceed to bring your idea into life. We build in the features based on the information we gathered during consultation, incorporate your corporate colors and add in your graphic assets.

Launch & Handover

Once everything is done and approved we will handover the project to you and prepare for its launch. Optionally, we also offer after-sales technical support to our web design clients. Noticed a problem or want a feature update? We will be there ready to help you even after we handover the project to you.






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Ready to Engage?

If you are convinced that we are your best shot at getting you an online solution that actually converts then we are ready to hear from you. Click on the following button to start you off. Ready?

Your website is one of the best marketing assets. Why skimp on it?

We are in the era of Digital Marketing and a website is one of the best marketing assets you can have. With one you can create visibility for your organization/business online thus helping people to find and do business with you.

While you can get a cheap website to start you off that would be shooting yourself in the foot. You need a website that works for you. This website should be search engine optimized to rank well online. So why skimp on such a valuable asset that could propel your business to success?

And more and more of your potential customers are coming online each day.

With 547,200 websites being created every day, 6 websites per second the future of online communications is here. Mobile penetration is increasing. Internet connectivity is now common. This means that more and more people are moving online each day.

The internet offers convienience with a touch of button. It is now easier to search for business information online. With a website you are sure that your business can be found online. And not just a website; a well optimized, responsive website.

We at Tuxedosoft are the go-to experts in responsive web design services in the City under the Sun, Nairobi. Our designs are fresh and are aimed at improving your organiztion's/business' bottomline in the form of online conversions.

Our Clients

Ready to Engage?

If you are convinced that we are your best shot at getting you an online solution that actually converts then we are ready to hear from you. Click on the following button to start you off. Ready?

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