Twinspark OS 0.d.r4.1021 - PIT, Paging And MMU Setup

I've been working on Twinspark OS' Programmable Interrupt Time (PIT). Seems to work now.

Also, I've began working on its paging. This plus the MMU, might be the most difficult to build. Might take weeks :-( ... Currently, the Page Fault Interrupt is the only one set up plus the usual paging setup on the bootloader.

PS: I am contemplating using an X Windowing Manager for the OS. This is not just an idea. A separate branch of the codebase will be to test a basic Windowing System. Once I get it right I might merge it with the main branch.

Published: 20th, Sunday, Mar, 2022 Last Modified: 20th, Sunday, Mar, 2022

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